Joe Harrington



Age: 23

Location: Clarkston, MI 

Favorite Team Outside of Detroit: Team I like but can’t root for anymore, Toronto Maple Leafs. So I’ll go back out west and say I would really like to see the Oilers and all their young talent start to be successful.

Favorite Former Red Wing, Piston, Lion and Tiger: Chris Osgood, Ben Wallace, Herman Moore, Craig Monroe

Favorite Current Red Wing, Piston, Lion and Tiger: Jimmy Howard (goalie fetish), if I have to have a favorite piston, I guess Drummond, Megatron is too easy so I’ll go hard nosed Joique Bell, and Austin Jackson

Favorite Detroit Sports Moment: ’98 cup finals in Washington when Yzerman got the cup and gave it right to Vladdy and the team huddled around the wheelchair. Makes me tear up to this day.

Bob O’Malley



Age: 23

Location: Clarkston, MI

Favorite Team Outside of Detroit: Florida Panthers baby! This is a team that has a history of hemorrhaging money, but at the same time hemorrhaging my heart. Although the Wings are in the East now, I still know I can root for Florida without feeling bad since (it pains me to say this) they will never really be a threat. Moreover, if Broward County doesn’t approve their plans for a Casino/Hotel next to the arena, we could be looking at the Quebec City Cats sooner rather than later.

Favorite Former Red Wing, Piston, Lion and Tiger: Valtteri Filppula, too much talent here for his true potential to shine. You can now find his name regularly on the Lightning score sheet after game nights. Former Piston (current asst coach) Rasheed Wallace, I love guys who jabber and to be a good basketball player your mouth has to run as much as your legs. Barry is my favorite former Lion, watch out for his comeback in the Shady Acres 65+ Flag Football League in the next decade. Lastly, Jhonny P is and always will be my favorite former Tiger. He showed up big in the postseason before becoming another obsolete jersey in my closet.

Favorite Current Red Wing, Piston, Lion and Tiger: Tomas Tatar has provided a huge spark this season and it’s nice to see the younger players making an impact. Brandon Jennings is my favorite Piston because of the running-mouth feature that I mentioned earlier, and I remember randomly seeing him in a Fly Union rap video. Nick Fairley is my favorite Lion solely because of his post-sack celebrations and overall dumb antics. The Big Fella Miguel Cabrera is my favorite Tiger – who else would you rather have at the plate when it matters most?

Favorite Detroit Sports Moment:  Attending Game 2 of the 2009 Western Conference Finals vs. Chicago. Mikael Samuelsson scored the OT winner and the fans were insane that night. Never has the Joe rocked harder.

Jeremy Dewar



Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Favorite Team Outside of Detroit: 

Favorite Former Red Wing, Piston, Lion and Tiger: Sergei Fedorov. Yes he left in an ugly fashion but come on, white ‘Michey Mouse’ mitts and boots. Dude dated Kournikova and she sat in the stands at the Joe. True hero. Favorite Piston is definitely Chauncey Billups. I grew up a Red Sox and Bear fan so I am not all Detroit all the time. But I will say I always dug Barry Sanders (of course) and my favorite Tiger ever was Prince Fielder in the 2013 ALCS (sorry guys).

Favorite Current Red Wing, Piston, Lion and Tiger: Gustav Nyquist. Continues the Swedish tradition with the Wings and comes from one of my favorite college programs, the Maine Black Bears. Favorite current Piston is Greg Monroe. Lions I think I’m going to go with the hometown boy Joique Bell and Tigers I would say JV. Even as a non Tigers fan I rarely miss a FSD broadcast when JV is on the bump.

Favorite Detroit Sports Moment: Balling like a baby when the Wings repeat and hand the cup off to Vlady in his wheelchair. Best sports moment ever. 

Trev Raleigh



Age: 23 and a Hook

Location: Murder Mitten

Favorite Team Outside of Detroit: It Sounds too easy but I love the 49ers, their coach and their style of play is exactly what I want from my Lions. On top of that, they have one of the scariest front 7s in football, with Justin Smith, Mcdonald and Dorsey on the line in front of Aldon Smith, Ahmad Brooks, Navarro Bowman and Patrick Willis. Their DBs are aggressive and make plays and their offense is smash mouth and uses the run to setup the pass. They do everything right. The only other teams I considered for this are the KC Royals because of their youth or Golden State Warriors because they’re fun and exciting.

Favorite Former Red Wing, Piston, Lion and Tiger: I’ll go with Federov for his uncanny scoring touch and the dank ass white Nikes he used to wear. My favorite former Piston is and always will be Sheed, because of the fact that he was kind of an asshole and he didn’t care what people thought. That and his ability to score from anywhere on the court, face to the basket or backing a defender in. How do I pick a former Lion? They’re all so bad, I guess I always liked Robert Porcher for his intensity on the field. My favorite former Tiger is a little questionable, I was a big Gary Sheffield fan before he got here and it never died.

Favorite Current Red Wing, Piston, Lion and Tiger: Pav.. Too easy. He wears my number and his mits are just so damn silky. Everything he does just tickles my loins to no end. My current favorite Piston is Andre Drummond, he is on pace to be one of the more dominating big men in the league for a long time to come. My favorite Lion would be CJ if it wasn’t so easy but I’ll go with Ziggy, he’s young and in his rookie season he showed a lot of promise. MY TIGER; Jose “the love glove” Iglesias. Glove, speed, youth, smarts, swag… how could I not love him?

Favorite Detroit Sports Moment:  When Stevey put the cup in Konstantinov’s lap after the ’98 finals and when Joey “Hound Dogg” Harrington put the boots to his homemade cup after the ’09 finals. The walkoff by Mags to get us in the 2006 World Series ranks up their pretty high as well.

Travis Schultz



Age: 25 (probably 26 by the time anybody reads this)

Location: Washington, MI

Favorite Team Outside of Detroit: No one really. I like the Spurs because I lived there for a while and one of my college roommates was a big fan. I hate more teams than I like.

Favorite Former Red Wing, Piston, Lion and Tiger: Kris Draper, Kim English (only played one season in the NBA so far, but he and I go way back to our Mizzou days. There is a funny story involved.), Lion I’ll go with Germane Crowell, anyone remember him??? Tiger was Magglio and I liked him even when he was with Chicago.

Favorite Current Red Wing, Piston, Lion and Tiger: Riley Sheahan because he drives a Wrangler Unlimited. And I too have been known to watch Teletubbies. Does he count? He’s a Wing as I’m typing this. I guess if he doesn’t count, I’ll pick Darren Helm because of his penalty kill in Game 5 of the 2009 Western Conference Finals against the Blackhawks. Piston would have to be Andre Drummond because of the bio they had on Grandland.com before this season, just a great kid. Lion is CJ Mosley because…well Mizzou. Tigers are my two Mizzou Tiger fellas with Scherzer and Kinsler.

Favorite Detroit Sports Moment:  Claude Lemieux “turtling” to begin Fight Night at the Joe. No, I wasn’t there, but I was in my living room in Newport News, VA and I remember it like it was yesterday. Hearing the words “Claude Lemieux was hammered by Darren McCarty and he is being helped into the locker room” still gives me goosebumps.

Blake Stamper



Location: working in Denver, CO originally from Grand Ledge, MI

Favorite Team Outside of Detroit: Dallas Cowboys, not even close. I’m absolutely obsessed, I live for Jerry Jones’ dysfunction and Tony Romo’s tears.

Favorite Former Red Wing, Piston, Lion and Tiger: Former Red Wing: Sergei Fedorov, not only did he date Ana Kournikova, but he was one of the most talented players in the history of the storied franchise. Favorite Piston: Rasheed Wallace by a mile. Not only for comedic purposes and his bald patch, but for his immense talent. Charles Barkley once said: “Rasheed Wallace could be the greatest basketball player if he wanted to be.” Maybe not quite MJ, but I would say the best PF ever. The guy could flat out do everything, rebound, block shots, hit threes, and one of the best all-time with his back to the basket. Oh, and he would own Tim Duncan every time they faced off. Favorite Lion: As an MSU grad, I’m gonna go with the homer pick and say Charles Rogers based on what could have been. The term Randy Moss-like gets thrown around a lot but I really do think his ceiling was that high. Unfortunately, injuries and his own inner demons derailed his career. Not a huge baseball fan, but favorite former Tiger would have to be Curtis Granderson.

Favorite Current Red Wing, Piston, Lion and Tiger: Favorite Current Redwing: Datsyuk, cat’s got dangles for days, just a pleasure to watch play hockey. Favorite Piston: Andre Drummond, what this kid has accomplished at the age of 20 is astonishing. His rookie per-36 minute production is comparable to Shaq and Hakeem. Favorite current Lion: Calvin Johnson. I like to call him the Lebron James of football, he’s not a prima donna, but like Lebron I believe he is the greatest combination of size and athleticism ever at his position. I would have to say Miguel Cabrera as favorite Tiger, one of the best players of our generation.

Favorite Detroit Sports Moment: That’s a tough one, but I would have to say the Pistons’ 2004 title. Made it sweeter that is was over the Lakers and the all-overrated over-the-hill team.


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